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Import and Export Financing

Canada Exporters is proud to offer high-quality products at the best value, and with an impressive selection to choose from. Browse through our inventory below to get a better idea of what we offer, and get in touch with any questions. One of our product experts will be more than happy to assist with whatever you may need.

Export Financing | Canada Exporters

Import and Export Financing

Canada Exporters offers all types of services for small to medium-sized companies.

  • Efficient payment (same-day or next-day settlement) in 130+ currencies.

  • Currency accounts in 35+ currencies with a virtual IBAN, enabling clients to collect locally and hold currencies for local payments. 

  • No obligation, setup fees, and account maintenance fees.

  • Mass payment capabilities and expertise.

  • Trade Finance- Unsecured credit facility enabling payables to be financed (up to 150 days) freeing up cash flow. The interest rate is fixed 0.2% to 0.4% per month and will not be impacted by BOC interest rate changes. 

  • Online capabilities and global partnership to process and execute multi-currency payroll remittance.

  • Forward Contracts- Better credit terms and longer terms up to 5 years, enabling businesses to lock in an exchange rate for a set period of time to protect themselves from currency fluctuations. 

  • Email us your requirements and we will find you the best solution.

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